Internet Fax Service

Whether sending bulk faxes or drip-feed from your back office system, we have the solution

Replace all existing fax lines and machines with Iflow

Email Fax Gateway

Send and receive faxes from your email. Word, Excel, PDF, Open Office documents, HTML and text are all automatically converted and faxed. Receive all faxes by PDF or TIF formats.

Printer Driver

With IFLOW's free Printer Driver for Windows you can fax from any Windows application sharing your contacts list with other users.

Iflow Fax Numbers

A single Iflow Fax Number can replace all your existing fax lines and fax machines.

  • Receive all faxes by email in PDF format
  • Fax number is never busy
  • No paper, ink or machine maintenance required
  • Receive a free SMS notification when you receive a fax
  • No software necessary

Iflow Web Portal

Access a history of faxes sent and received from our secure web portal.

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