Secure, Professional, Instant Messaging

Iflow Pal Smartphone App

How It Works

Iflow Pal allows you to exchange text messages without paying for SMS. Because Iflow Pal uses the same internet data plan that you use for browsing and email there is no additional charge for texting friends, family and colleagues.

Secure and Private

Security is important and with Iflow Pal you can only contact and be contacted by users in your circle. Circles are password protected and you can only join if invited and given the code. Likewise, only those with the code can join your circle.

Circle Posting

As well as texting individuals you can post messages to any circle that you're a member of and instantly update all other members.

Cross Platform

Iflow Pal is available on iPhone, Windows and Android devices.

Getting Started

Getting started on Android.

Getting started on iPhone.

Getting started on Windows Phone.

Private Texting

Read how you can redirect SMS text messages to Iflow Pal users.

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