Email to SMS

Sending SMS can just be as easy as sending an email

  • Create a new email from your email client
  • In the TO field type in the mobile number you want to send to followed by
  • In the main body of the email type in the text message you want to send.
  • Click send. The SMS message will be automatically processed and delivered by Iflow’s service.


When typing in the address put the mobile number in international format preceded by a plus sign. For example to send the message to UK mobile number 07800000000 send the email to or to send to Irish mobile number 0870000000 send the email to

Message Length

A single text message is a maximum of 160 characters in length, including spaces. If your email is longer than this your message will be sent as 2 or more texts that are recombined on the recipient’s mobile phone as one message. You are charged for each individual text.

You can specify the maximum number of texts to be used to send the message. For example to restrict it to 1 text put restrictSize=1; in the subject field (including the semi-colon). With this in the subject field if the email message is greater than 160 characters in length only the first 160 characters will be sent in 1 text message.

Chop Email Disclaimers and Other Automated Footers

Using the Iflow portal you can configure the email gateway to automatically detect and chop off standard email footers such as Email Disclaimers. This prevents bloated message sizes and wasted revenue.

Feature Rich Control Panel

Account management features such as daily budgets, balance warnings, audit trails and stop lists. Read More...

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