SMS Web Portal

Feature rich, easy to use

Sample screen showing the dashboard of Iflow's Portal

Message Management

Multi Message Compose

Compose SMS, IM Text, email and fax messages all from the same Compose button.

Templates and Merging

Store regularly used messages as templates while using merge fields to personalize each message.

Message Queues

View message log details for all sent and received messages including delivery status.

Detailed Job Reports

Generate detailed reports one each message job giving you delivery times and key performance indicators.

Account Management

Multi User Maintenance

Maintain and control your list of users and user groups / departments.


Contact details can be stored individually or part of groups and belonging to specific users or shared.

Iflow Pal Circles

Create circles to let your Iflow Pal Smartphone App users join.

Usage Reports

Generate detailed usage reports broken down by user, message type and department.

Security and Control

Admin Users

Promoted selected users to Administrator priviledge to enable full access to all areas of the account.

Audit Trail

All actions on the account logged in an audit trail to aid your administrators to maintain and support the account.


Restrict daily spending by individual user, department or total account. Impose monthly spending limits on your account.

Stop List

Your stop list holds all unsubscribe requests from all marketing emails, faxes and sms messages. In addition this feature can block inbound messages from unwanted sources.

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