Messaging in the Health Sector

Spreadsheet Appointments

Send appointment reminders direct from your Excel spreadsheet. See the demos section of ExcelSend.

Appointment Management

Total appointment management with automated appointment reminders; designed from the ground up to reduce missed appointments and to maximize your time.

Sending SMS using Email

For one-on-one communication between practitioner and client, sending test results and updates is as easy as email.

Fax Dissemination

When sending urgent critical documents by fax to lists of GPs and clinics is required the Iflow Fax Printer software performs.

SMS To Fax

A highly specialised service to enable GPs to remotely fax nursing stations with prescription information direct from their mobile phone.


Hospital Integration

ISOFT integrates with centralised hospital appointment management systems and automatically sends out appointment reminders. ISOFT can be managed through the Iflow portal enabling and disabling reminders on a clinic by clinic basis.

Hospital-wide messaging

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