Private Texting

Reduce your SMS costs by redirecting to our private texting app

Iflow Pal Smartphone App


Create private secure password protected circles and enable your members to connect with your Iflow text account.

SMS Redirect

When you send SMS messages those who registered their mobile will receive their SMS via the smartphone app instead.

  • No SMS charges
  • Messages delivered direct to App
  • No message size limits
  • Free replies
  • Use existing contact lists
  • Automatic SMS backup delivery
  • Receive replies by email
  • End user incurs no cost
SMS Savings

How it works

Many organisations use software and web services to send SMS messages to mobile phones. They are charged per message sent and the amount they spend directly relates to the number of messages that they send.

With Iflow you can also redirect messages to your private text network using the Iflow Pal smartphone app. Messages arrive on the phone just as quickly and the user can reply free of change.

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